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The Winnipeg Fans Reached Out

They Mentioned that they also want Nail Skins

We are Currently Working with the

Participating Jets Fans FB Groups


Our Unique "Design Parties" help choose

Product Options like preferences in


This is what the Fans have come up with so far


We Still NEED to pick ONE of Two Designs

Then we need to Add the Numbers


New Trending Sports Related

Fashion Accessory for Women


"You can now customize your nails

to match the Numbers, Colours and Logo

of the actual Jersey you're going to Wear"


In Most Cases Enough Skins for

Two Full Applications (52 Nail Skins)


"Nail Skins" are Solar / Bio Gel Nail Friendly

Meaning you can apply the product

Then remove it with nail polish remover

Your Expensive Manicure from

The Salon Remains Unharmed


No Need to Cut Out the Exact Shape!

Just cut a rectangle around the nail skin

Using the grey shapes on the back paper



3$ Shipping in the USA

(Tested Non Toxic and FDA Approved Product)


SKU : 0031


Winnipeg Jets...... Home Jersey

SKU: 0031