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Customize Your Nails to
Match Your Jersey
"Because Being Fashionable Matters"
Show Us You Want Them
And we will Make it Happen
You all Have Daughters, Sisters, Mothers and GF's
This is an Ideal Gift for Any Die Hard Fan "hint hint"
New Sampler Designs for Patriots - Raptors - Redblacks
and even Irish Rugby have been posted
We NEED You To "Flood Us" With Request
To show the Investors that you love the Idea
Please take the time to show your support
By contacting us regarding your team
and submitting a place holder pre-order
with no obligation - our just asking a question
Consider it Like Signing a Petition 
Here are some Fan Tribute Videos
Created as a Thank You to the Fans 
That Participated in the Design Parties

FDA Approved - Non Toxic - Hockey Mom Idea

In the Majority of cases One Size Fits All 

Enough Skins for Two Full Applications 

$11.95 is the set Price Point

(Free Shipping in Canada)

Pre-Order for NOW for next Season

We can't keep up with the demand

Put Your Name on the List "They Go Fast"

Once we get them

Always OUT of Stock for the Playoffs

We Started with 2000 and are Out of Units

Swipe Left and Locate the Jersey You Wear

Even if it says "Not Available Yet"

Select and Swipe more to See the Design

We Already Created for Your Team

No Longer Available on (out of stock)

Choosing to make the Leafs Nail Skins First

To Test the Market was definitely

The Best Decision Sporty Girl Made all Year

IF you are not a Leafs Fan That is OK

Put YOUR Team on Our To Do List

We have Designed Several Teams this way already

Take a look - We Just Haven't put them

Into Production YET

"THE LIST" is First Come - First Serve

So Put Your Team in that LINE UP NOW

By Submitting a Place Holder Order

They Will Go FAST when We Get to Yours

No Obligation it's Just a List 

Just let us know what league and which team

We will get in Touch when Yours is in Production

and Only Then will you be Required to Commit

HUGE Thanks to all the Fans

For all the Love and Support

We have started the Designs of the other Teams

And Our Proof of Concept for this

New Startup was a Huge Success

Thanks to You FB and Insta Fans Because 

Without the Fans there are no Teams

"Testimony's and Application Tips"