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The Sporty Girl "Nail Skins" Product Line

"It's been a long time coming"

In regards to "Nail Art" there comes the inevitable moment when you realise that you're right handed and you will never be able to finish the other hand properly.

This product is a genius "Hockey Mom" idea that snowballed into a trending product.

4 Prototypes later we have come up with a "Special Ink" that makes it all possible

So this is where

"Fashion Sense Meets Innovation"


With a pending design patent application in hand and lots of testing, we can now offer our Non Toxic - FDA approved product.

Now, we "Test the Market" to make sure there is any demand for this exciting new sports related fashion accessory for women.

We have picked a team based on location with some of the Best Loyal Fans who have shown they will stand by their team through thick and thin. Then we made available 2000 units for the proof of concept

It took 2 weeks to run out of these Very Unique Items. We now have the "Go Ahead" to proceed in designing the other teams and are finally ready for the first round of funding

The next Mile Stone is to reach our $100,000 target in sales. Then it's off to Dragon's Den or Shark Tank (undecided)

As a Thank you to the all the Loyal Fans For All the Love and Support

Here is a Sneak Peek at the Next Toronto Maple Leaf SKU

With the New Logo - Showing Below

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